I do not believe as some / that the vote is an end

I fear even more / It is just a beginning

Housekeeping, ish.

I let some* of my domains lapse this year; the tiniest of concessions to the inevitability of how “the desktop web” (and my role in it, and willingness to contribute to it) has changed.

As part of an end-of-year digital cleanup I’m also going to make sure I have local copies of everything I’ve ever posted on WordPress and Medium and Tumblr and Ello (lol, Ello) and whatever other platform was the thing at the time. This was partly prompted by a recent encounter with digital extortion courtesy of DiaryLand, which now charges you a $19 fee to access your archives.

And even though I am probably not going to return to regular blogging anytime soon, I’ve been trying to figure out other formats for newsletter-ing that combines some of what is occasionally useful about Twitter threads with the relative intimacy of appointment reading.

To that end: $ subscribers will (for a while, for some value of while) get a second missive per week that is a combination common place book / drafts-in-progress. As always, I welcome your feedback and questions.

*okay, two.

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Citizens, good citizens all
parade into voting booths
and in self-righteous sanctity
X away our right to life.

I do not believe as some
that the vote is an end.
I fear even more
It is just a beginning.

So I must make assessment
Look to you and ask:
Where will you be
when they come?

They will not come
a mob rolling
through the streets,
but quickly and quietly
move into our homes
and remove the evil,
the queerness,
the faggotry,
the perverseness
from their midst.
They will not come clothed in brown,
and swastikas, or
bearing chest heavy with
gleaming crosses.
The time and need
for ruses are over.
They will come
in business suits
to buy your homes
and bring bodies to
fill your jobs.
They will come in robes
to rehabilitate
and white coats
to subjugate
and where will you be
when they come?

Where will we all be
when they come?
And they will come —

— from Untitled / “Where Will You Be” by Pat Parker (1978)

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